Diagnostic and modernization plan of weather, climate, water and early warning services in Niger

Client: World Bank                                                                                                                                                Location: Niger

In 2018 The World Bank observed that: ‘within 20 years, weather-related disasters have cost Africa approximately $10 billion. With every $1 invested in hydromet services, at least $3 of benefits can be gained.’

Source: The World Bank – What is hydromet?

In 2021 we were commissioned by The World Bank to carry out an evidence-based analysis which could be used to strengthen and modernize Niger’s hydrology and meteorology (hydromet) and early warning services.  JBA partnered with Becky Venton Consulting, Landell Mills and a team of local consultants to undertake this assignment.


Our analysis involved identifying and assessing a broad spectrum of structural and organisational factors within the current hydromet services, alongside user needs, stakeholder involvement and sustainability goals. We:

  • Identified user needs along the entire value chain of hydromet and associated services
  • Assessed the regulatory and institutional framework, governance structure, as well as human resources of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS)
  • Assessed the status of regional and international collaboration as well as data sharing arrangements in support of hydromet services and civil protection in Niger
  • Took stock of the current status of the NMHS after a thorough review of the existing diagnostics
  • Identified the potential for public-private engagement and co-creation of hydromet service with the private sector
  • Identified investment needs for strengthening and transforming NMHS
  • Provided evidence-based guidance on prioritizing investments based on benefit-cost analysis, user needs as well as sustainability aspects


Diagnostic and modernization plan of weather, climate, water and early warning services (hydromet) in Niger
River Niger, Niamey

We assembled a team with widespread experience in Niger, West Africa and worldwide, including in flood forecasting and warning, food security and gender issues. Our team comprised international experts in national hydromet service modernization, economic assessment, early warning system development, hydrometeorology and climate model science translation. This team worked in close partnership with stakeholder organisations in Niger to assess user needs for hydromet services and identify solutions for improved service delivery of hydromet services.


This project has highlighted areas where improvements can be made in the ability to forecast and communicate climate hazards, especially flooding, facing Niger. It has also identified funding options for these improvements.

Alongside our collaboration with stakeholder organisations, this work is producing information to support the Niger: Strengthening Early Warning Services | CREWS (crews-initiative.org), a project aiming to enhance Niger’s food security early warning system, and establish a flood and extreme weather warning service focusing on urban areas and along Niger and Komadougou Rivers.

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