JBA Dan Rodger and Marc Pinnell in Skipton June 19
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Coastal risk management experiences from Queensland, Australia

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Our gender pay gap report April 2019

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Foss Barrier, CEYH Awards 2019
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Runswick Bay coastal defence
scheme wins top award for Innovation at CEYH2019

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Helping you to manage weather and environmental
risks and opportunities.


JBA Coastal Climate Adaptation - Port of Tyne
Coastal Climate Adaptation - Port of Tyne

Climate risk assessment and Coastal Climate Adaptation for ports and harbours with ForeCoast Marine®

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JBA Brahmaputra basin case study - India footprint
Flood forecast inundation mapping

Brahmaputra basin case study demonstrates global flood inundation and impact forecasting capability

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JBA Moldova hydrometeorology case study
Climate threat resilience - hydrometeorology

Our Moldova project for the World Bank uses our many years of hydrometeorology experience

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