Yellow Dam Spillway

We focus on managing and controlling water and the impact water has on client’s assets and infrastructure.

Working closely with our modelling, hydrology and ecology teams to ensure that designs are developed to create efficient, effective and sustainable solutions. We aim to achieve this with minimal environmental impact during design, construction, operation and decommissioning.

We have extensive experience of working for the Environment Agency, Rail Sector and Local Authorities as well as within the private sector, including commercial organisations and developers. We have also been appointed on Engineering Services Frameworks with Local Authorities to provide an emergency response.


Since 2013 we have been part of the JBA Bentley joint venture delivering planned and emergency response works for the Environment Agency (EA) and other RMAs under the Water and Environmental Management (WEM) Framework.

This has seen our engineering teams grow and develop in to providing designs for major flood defence schemes, for towns such as Ulverston, and developing emergency response works at the Foss Barrier in York, in the aftermath of the 2015 floods.

We are a key supplier to the EA on their Anglian Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works, delivering over 100 asset improvement projects to date.


Assessment of condition and structural capacity of structures. We can design remedial repair works aswell as the design of new bridges.

Coastal and maritime engineering

Coastal erosion and flood management studies as well as the design of coastal protection works.

Dams and reservoirs

Ensuring the integrity and safe operation of retaining and storage structures.

Flood defence design

Protecting entire towns or communities - from property level protection and site level protection to large-scale projects.


Providing the specification for GI works, supervising the site works and preparation of the Interpretative Report.

Internal drainage boards

We manage over 25% of all the pumping stations operated by IDBs in England.

Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation

We design flood defence, water transfer and land drainage pumping systems, river control structures and systems as well as port and maritime services.

Rail engineering

Managing the interface between water and the railway infrastructure throughout the UK.

Collaboratively working with our joint venture JBA Bentley

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