Wyre Fluvial Audit, Lancashire


Our Geomorphology team have been commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake a detailed geomorphological fluvial audit of the Wyre catchment in Lancashire.

The principal aim of the project is to develop a database detailing the geomorphological condition of the catchment. Informing the development of potential Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures to reduce flood risk to communities along the Wyre.


A site based fluvial audit has been undertaken, involving a walkover of 125km of watercourse within the 450km2 Wyre catchment. Our iPad application “GISmapp Geomorph” was utilised to provide a standardised field recording proforma, allowing accurate recording of forms and processes in the field using GPS.

Following the audit, an ArcGIS database was developed, mapping the morphological reach types, sediment processes, floodplain character, hydraulic habitat, bank instability zones, as well as areas of channel modification and flow barriers. A desk based and Historic Trend analysis has accompanied the fluvial audit, including an assessment of historic maps, aerial photography, flood maps and LiDAR data.


The combined assessment has developed a comprehensive understanding of the geomorphological functioning within the catchment, both in the past and present, linking channel change, morphologic evolution and habitat development to past and existing river management and engineering practices.

This detailed geomorphological understanding will aid the development of NFM measures throughout the catchment, feeding into a wider project led by a partnership between the Environment Agency and Catchment Partners.

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