East Rhyl Flood Defence Scheme


Rhyl is a seaside resort town on the coast of Denbighshire, North Wales. The town has been protected from coastal flooding in the past by a range of defence structures. However, the performance standards of these defences are now being exceeded. In east Rhyl, the existing defences have overtopped, most recently in 2013, causing significant damage and disruption to residential and commercial properties. The East Rhyl Coastal Defence project is a proposed flood defence scheme to prevent these coastal flood events by improving the standard of protection to over 400 properties.


As part of Welsh Government’s (WG) Coastal Risk Management Programme, Denbighshire Council and Balfour Beatty (through the Scape Framework) commissioned us to identify a preferred option and lead on the design and build of a coastal flood management scheme. Our appraisal and concept design met with WG approval and we have now started the design of a rock revetment and flood wall structure over a length of around 400 meters.

Later this year, a physical model of the design will be built by the Queensland Government Hydraulics Laboratory, supervised by Dan Rodger and Gildas Colleter at JB Pacific. The design team, led by Graham Kenn and Alec Dane, will then complete the design by September 2018 and supervise the construction in the summer of 2019.


The coastal defence scheme will increase resilience against coastal flooding in the Garford Road area of East Rhyl. The project aims to protect up to 472 properties and will provide some amenity benefits too. During the construction stage, we will be undertaking community engagement work including visits to many schools and youth groups in Rhyl and Prestatyn.

Want to know more?

For more information on this project contact Sam Wingfield. You can also find out more by visiting our Flood Defence Design web page.

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