Assessing and designing an end-to-end data system for disaster risk financing in Indonesia

Client: The World Bank      Partners: Willis Towers Watson and PT Definit                    Location: Indonesia


Indonesia is located in one of the world’s most natural disaster-prone areas, exposed to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and tropical hydro-meteorological hazards. In October 2018, with technical assistance from the World Bank, Indonesia adopted a new National Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) Strategy. This marked a significant step towards proactive risk management for the country, mitigating the financial impacts of disaster and climate shocks. To support the Strategy, enhanced DRF analysis is required for decision making, based around better use of current public assets data, improved disaster damage reporting and loss assessment, and enhanced risk analysis.


Our consortium, led by Willis Towers Watson, assessed and designed an end-to-end data system for DRF.  JBA’s role in the project was to review the existing public asset database, SIMAN, and its associated software tools (e.g. SIMAK, SIPKN).

We designed a conceptual IT system that includes specifications for a:

– Data collection & valuation module

– Damage reporting, loss assessment, and claims management module

– Risk data analysis module.


The technical assistance provided in the project will enable the Government of Indonesia to develop the tools and processes to capture and use post-disaster damage and loss data, to support improved decision making for disaster planning and preparedness and the implementation of financial mitigation schemes. By delivering a blueprint for the system, the development can be undertaken with the engagement of end users to ensure that the knowledge of data collection and use is embedded locally. By reviewing existing data sources, the project has provided a cost-effective solution that builds on existing knowledge and capacity.

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Email John Bevington for more information on the project, and email Paul Maisey for more information on how we support development of disaster risk financing mechanisms.  Discover more of our projects on our International Development webpage.


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