Devon Property Level Resilience (PLR)


We have been appointed to undertake flood risk assessment surveys at properties across Devon as part of the Devon County Council Property Level Resilience (PLR) Grant scheme. The scheme is aimed at improving the preparedness and resilience to flooding for individual property owners.

Homeowners can apply for a £5,000 grant to fund the flood risk assessment survey of the property. They can also use it to purchase and fund the installation of measures aimed at resisting flood water ingress. All properties have different sources of flood risk and therefore require different solutions. These can include (but are not limited to) replacement flood doors, demountable barriers, pumps and protection for airbricks.


We are undertaking independent property flood risk assessment surveys to determine the flood risk at each property and identify the options for resistance measures. The survey process involves working with homeowners to record the flood history. It also identifies all openings that could act as entry points for floodwater, such as doors, windows, vents and airbricks. This also addresses the potential for water to come up through the floor, drainage pipes and potential seepage through walls.

Following completion of the survey, we are producing a report for the property owner. This documents the findings and provides outline costs to help the homeowners determine how the £5,000 Grant funds can be put to best use. Upon receipt of their individual reports, homeowners are free to approach and appoint a supplier and installation contractor of their choice.


Property Level Resilience provides a cost-effective solution to protect properties that have previously flooded or are at risk of flooding. This helps individual property owners be better equipped with the products they need to be able to deal with flooding.

Homeowners should ensure they are trained by the installation contractor on the correct use, storage and maintenance arrangements for their products. Homeowners should practice deployment through an exercise. Having individual and community flood plans, and regularly testing these, is an important step in improving flood preparedness and resilience.

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For more information on this project contact Phil Emonson, Project Manager and Flood Resilience Lead. You can also find out more about our work in Flood Resilience on our website.

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