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Local flood risk management has risen up the national agenda in the last 10 years, with the establishment of Lead Local Flood Authorities, following the Pitt Review into the severe flooding of the summer of 2007.

The Committee on Climate Change recognised in the 2017 Climate Change Progress Report that the responsibility for managing surface water flooding is fragmented, mostly between Lead Local Flood Authorities, Water Companies and Highways Authorities and that the extent to which current activity is effectively tackling the current risk of flooding
is unclear.

We understand that effective local flood risk management is about partnerships that rely heavily on a clear and common understanding of risk. Our staff are skilled at working collaboratively with stakeholders to deliver the best results and are experienced in the assessment, understanding and presentation of risk. The responsibilities for Local FRM are varied and we like to work with clients to understand what they really need and then tailor what we can do to suit them.

We are happy to work on projects of all different shapes, sizes and stages, from small flood modelling studies to City wide Surface Water Management Plans and from initial scoping of flood mitigation ideas through to detailed design and construction.

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