Met Office Strategic Priorities Fund Projects

Location: UK                                                                                                                            Client: Met Office

We are leading three projects to support the joint Met Office and UKRI UK Climate Resilience Programme in improving climate services, their value and informing climate information needs. This programme is funded through the Strategic Priorities Fund.


The Climate Resilience programme has as its vision to enhance the UK’s resilience to climate variability and change through frontier interdisciplinary research and innovation on climate risk, adaptation and services, working with stakeholders and end-users to ensure the research is useful and usable. Two of the outputs of the programme are to produce a UK roadmap for the future development and implementation of climate services addressing the roles of public and private sectors, and provide a synthesis of findings to inform national guidance standards, policy regulations and good practice.


We are addressing these challenges through three projects that are examining the needs for standards and guidance in climate resilience, development of a new climate services standards framework and a tested valuation methodology for climate services, and assessing climate information needs for future decision-making.

Working with industry specialists including Climate Sense, Paul Watkiss Associates, Professor Rob Wilby, Becky Venton and Dr Marie Ekström, JBA’s leading climate resilience specialists have formulated projects that draw on a wide network of climate services and information users and providers. These projects all engage with broad user and provider groups throughout their duration to make outputs as practical and useful as possible, while maximising cutting edge science at the Met Office and from other climate service and information providers.


The outcomes of these projects include:

  • Climate service providers have an approved, national standards framework to use when developing new services, or measuring existing services against
  • Climate service users have increased confidence to make effective and informed decisions
  • Climate service users and providers have important information on the value of climate services
  • Better understanding of key gaps in climate information

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For more information on our Strategic Priorities Fund projects email Murray Dale, or for further details on our services in this area visit our Climate Resilience page.

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