International Development

International Development

We work extensively in low and middle income (LMI) countries to support sustainable development, climate resilience and environmental safeguarding.   

We do this for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, GIZ (German Development Agency), the Mekong River Commission, local governments and others.    

The map above highlights countries where we have worked.

We are specialists

Our expertise is flood, coast and environmental risk management, including: 

  • Flood risk modelling and analytics 
  • Catastrophe modelling and loss/impact assessment 
  • Impact-based flood forecasting and Decision Support Systems 
  • Integrated Flood Risk Management (IFRM) 
  • Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) 
  • Disaster Risk Financing and insurance mechanisms  
  • Institutional capacity building and training. 

Our objectives

  • To help LMI countries identify and mitigate flood and environmental risks to build safer, fairer, and more resilient communities
  • To work collaboratively.  To develop the local skills and capacity needed to create sustainability strategies that have impact and legacy.  

Case Studies

Suriname Mangrove
Suriname Coastal Resilience and NBS
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Asian Development Bank case study
Strengthening Integrated Flood Risk Management
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Mid-term evaluation of the World Meteorological Organisation’s Global Hydrometry Support Facility (HydroHub)
The WMO’s Global Hydrometry Support Facility (HydroHub)
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Research on combining modelling and satellite flood data
Combining modelling and satellite data for flooding for parametric insurance
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Pakistan typhoon track map
The role of mangroves in managing flood risk in Pakistan, Sindh Province
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Beni, a small town in the foothills at the confluence of two high energy rivers
Integrated Flood Risk Management and Nature Based Solutions in Nepal using NIRA
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Vietnam case study
Vietnam National Flood Forecasting System
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Panama City
Panama City Flood Risk Assessment and Nature Based Solutions
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- Development of a Verification Mechanism and Quality Management System (QMS) for the Moldova SHS
Developing capacity in hydrometeorology
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Development of a flood impact forecasting system for humanitarian early actions, Pakistan
Development of a flood impact forecasting system in the Indus River basin, Pakistan
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Street scene in Jakarta
Designing an end-to-end data system for disaster risk financing, Indonesia
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Integrated Flood Risk Management and Nature Based Solutions in Indonesia using NIRA
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Strengthening Climate Resilience
Strengthening the Climate Resilience of Railways, India
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Geomorphological assessent, Dar es Salaam
Geomorphological Assessment for Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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Myanmar case study
Assessing dam-related flood risk in Myanmar
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Assessing Extreme Typhoon-induced Coastal Flood Risk in the Philippines
Assessing extreme typhoon-induced coastal flood risk, Philippines
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Global Flooding
Flood Foresight – Near Real-time and Forecast Flood Inundation Mapping and Impact Assessment
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One team

We work closely with others to deliver multifaceted, multi-hazard projects; partnering as “One Team” with like-minded companies through to respected local consultants.   

Of priority to us is that our work is delivered in a highly collaborative manner . So that we learn from and are guided by local expertise and so that things we deliver are owned locally and have maximum impact and legacy.  

Unique innovations and data 

Over the past 20 years, we have developed some of the most advanced techniques, pioneering innovations that deliver impact, added-value and efficiency to the work that we do.   

Our work benefits from the unique global datasets that we have developed, including our Global Flood Model, which includes high-resolution flood maps and our global event set.  We have also developed an advanced impact-based forecasting system called Flood Foresight.