Flood risk management in the Suceava River basin, Romania

Location: Romania       Client: A.N. Romanian Waters, A.B.A. Siret         Partner: Aquaproiect 

We are involved in preparing for funding six large flood relief projects for the River Basin Authorities in Romania. These are on-going projects, following the guidance we prepared for the European Investment Bank.

In this framework, we have recently carried out a comprehensive fluvial risk assessment on a 60km reach of the Suceava watercourse and some of its tributaries within a flood alleviation scheme project:

‘Flood risk management in the Suceava River basin’, beneficiary A.N. Romanian Waters, A.B.A. Siret.  


A number of issues were addressed such as variable quality and datum of survey data in Digital Terrain Models (DTM), inappropriate hydrological techniques and the need to engage with the community for flood calibration data. 


The modelling work on the Suceava river involved the first use of 2D in-channel modelling and the upgrade of existing models from cycle 1.  

We used 2D TUFLOW hydrodynamic modelling in the evaluation of some development solutions on the Suceava, Putna and Pozen rivers. Two types of approaches were tested: attenuation through reservoirs and impounding schemes.

Modelling techniques were used to identify the best solutions and to optimize them through iterative simulations. The proposed solutions were also assessed in light of the effects on the transport of sediment, and more general effects on the environment.  


The project was an innovative approach for the client, demonstrating the importance and benefit of using hydraulic modelling not only in hazard and risk assessment but also in optioneering and design. Our work has enabled the identification and development of the best option for flood risk management at the catchment and local scale, taking account of the condition and performance of existing infrastructure. 

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