Flood Foresight

Effective flood management begins with Foresight

Flood Foresight is a globally-scalable operational system providing data on rainfall severity, flood inundation footprints and depth, and flood impacts. These datasets are updated at up to three hours’ frequency and allow rapid loss estimation for current and forecast flood states, supporting decision-making before, during and after major flood events.

Designed to be compatible with existing business intelligence and decision support tools, Flood Foresight supports operational flood management in the infrastructure, insurance, utilities and civil contingencies sectors.

Flood Foresight


JBA Flood Foresight flooded river map

River flooding

Forecast and real-time flood extent and depth data: trans-national riverine flood footprints and alerts up to 10 days in advance.

Flood Foresight Surface Water Flooding

Surface water flooding

Surface water flood information, alerts and warnings, including maps showing the probability of flooding, using the best available rainfall forecast products.

JBA Flood Foresight impact analysis project example

Impact and integration

Forecast impact mapping: identify potentially affected assets and generate loss forecasts before and during flood events.


Analysing Storm Desmond using Flood Foresight
Analysing Storm Desmond using Flood Foresight

Discover how Flood Foresight used forecast rainfall screening and real-time and forecast flood maps to analyse the impact of Storm Desmond in 2015.

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Research on combining modelling and satellite flood data
Modelling and satellite data for flooding for parametric insurance

Discover how Flood Foresight is used in the Parametric Insurance sector to estimate populations affected by flooding.

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Global Flooding
Near Real-time and Forecast Flood Inundation Mapping and Impact Assessment

Learn how Flood Foresight is used around the globe by a range of clients including flood-based parametric insurance industry.

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Development of a flood impact forecasting system for humanitarian early actions, Pakistan
Flood impact forecasting system for humanitarian early actions

Learn how Flood Foresight is used in the Humanitarian sector to help early action planning for flood impact.

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