New Environment Agency Flood Estimation Guidelines

For the past 17 years, JBA has supported the Environment Agency in producing their Flood Estimation Guidelines. These guidelines provide practitioners with comprehensive information on how to carry out and review flood frequency analysis, blending scientific developments with practical experience.

Written by Emilia Gates | Marketing

Over the 22 years since the Flood Estimation Handbook was published, information on current UK flood estimation methods and datasets has become increasingly fragmented, spread over a multitude of R&D project reports, journal papers, software notes and other sources. The Flood Estimation Guidelines herd this widely-roaming flock into a single fold.

The intended readership includes Environment Agency staff carrying out or reviewing flood studies; consultants working for the Environment Agency and third parties submitting flood risk assessments requiring the Environment Agency’s approval. Although Environment Agency covers only England, many aspects of the Guidelines are also relevant for work in other parts of the UK.

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Download the updated Flood Estimation Guidelines (published on 23/12/2022) and supporting template for calculations. Use of the guidelines is subject to an Open Government Licence.


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