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We look to ensure impacts of development are properly considered and addressed as part of the design process through landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) and the wider role of landscape planning. From concept development, strategic landscape design, masterplanning, site analysis and stakeholder consultation through to detailed design and site supervision.

Being part of an interdisciplinary organisation means that our team has a deep understanding of how landscape brings together elements such as ecology, engineering, geology, flood modelling, hydrology and planning. Working collaboratively, we aim to ensure that the places where people live, work, and play are aesthetically pleasing, functional and healthy.

Our services

To achieve high quality, sustainable, integrated development, it is essential to build landscape into the design process from the outset. Our stakeholder engagement and inter-disciplinary experience enable us to work effectively within a team.

Modern society requires our landscapes to be ever more robust and adaptable, to provide a respite from high-density, high-pressure lifestyles. Achieving this requires imaginative, skilled landscape architects, who are committed to helping society deal with challenges such as growth and climate change, using key concepts like green infrastructure.

Our landscape team offer imaginative design, assessment and planning skills to develop, create and maintain multifunctional landscapes which respond to and enhance each site’s unique ‘sense of place’.

Our team

We are a Landscape Institute Registered Practice, providing a range of services from concept development, strategic landscape design, masterplanning, site analysis and stakeholder consultation through to detailed design and site supervision. Landscape and visual assessment (LVIA) is a key element of our work, both as standalone reporting or as part of the EIA process. Our work is supported through high quality visualisations, from hand-drawn sketches to photomontages and 3D visuals. Our in-house photography team use cameras and workflows that ensure graphics are compliant with current industry guidance.


  • Sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) and water-based design
  • River, wetland and channel restoration and enhancements, including amenity access
  • Landscape and catchment scale natural flood management;
  • Contaminated land, minerals and landfill restoration and design
  • Planting plans and schedules; horticultural advice and design
  • Design and Access Statements, Planning Statements, Design Guides; discharge of planning conditions
  • Green Infrastructure: strategy, planning and implementation
  • Support for planning appeals and Public Inquiry, including Expert Witness
  • Arboriculture, including tree surveys, woodland creation and urban forestry
  • Historic landscapes, including restoration and assessment
  • Landscape sensitivity studies and landscape mapping
  • 3D modelling and graphics; GIS mapping; Zones of Theoretical Visibility plans (ZTV)
  • Landscape management and maintenance plans
  • Habitat creation, enhancement and adaptation; ecological design
  • Climate change risk assessment and adaptation


By successfully balancing the aims of the developer and planning authority we can deliver the best solution for each site. Adapting to climate change is a core element of our design philosophy and our broad base in environmental consultancy has enabled us to deliver sustainable design solutions.

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