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Our environmental specialists can help take projects from initial concept, where desk studies and feasibility are considered, through to design and implementation, which might require particular remediation and management strategies. We have experience of working with a range of private and public sector clients and can help you with Management of the Environment, Environmental Design, Assessment of Environmental Effects and Environmental Compliance and Regulation Requirements. These areas are covered in more detail through the links below.

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

We guide you through the process of recognising, understanding and managing the historic environment through all stages.

Catchment and river restoration

We work with you and your partners to identify, plan and deliver innovative improvements for rivers and catchments.

Communication and stakeholder engagement

A proactive approach to stakeholder engagement can often make a significant difference to a project.

Contaminated land

It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that land contamination issues are considered.


Identifying ecological constraints and opportunities early helps to avoid costly delays to your project.

Environmental impact assessment

Informing the planning and design of your development project so that potential adverse effects are addressed early on.

Environmental regulation and compliance

A development project will need to comply with a wide range of environmental regulation to demonstrate its suitability.


Supporting bespoke projects affecting the aquatic environment or wider catchment and river restoration initiatives.


Contributes significantly to sustainable communities and the health of aquatic habitats.

Landscape design and assessment

We look to ensure impacts of development are properly considered and addressed as part of the design process.

Natural flood management

We work with you and your catchment partners to understand and implement NFM within your catchment.


Developing sustainable solutions that produce tangible economic, environmental and social benefits.

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