Climate resilience

JBA Climate Change

Climate change is recognised as one of the biggest challenges facing future generations and already affects present-day decisions. Much of our work contributes to increasing the resilience of communities, businesses, infrastructure and the environment to future climate change impacts.

Awareness raising and
capacity building

We work with you to interpret and communicate climate change science. We help develop business cases for risk assessment and adaptation, visualise climate change and provide training and stakeholder engagement.


Using straightforward tools and approaches to identify and prioritise risks, we assess climate change impacts for vulnerable communities. We incorporate climate change projections into flood risk and coastal erosion modelling.

Adaption planning

Working at national, programme and project scale we develop strategies to build climate resilience. Identifying and appraising adaptation options allows you to take account of economic, environmental and social impacts.

Adaptation actions

We use Natural Flood Management (NFM) and engineering solutions to adapt to climate change, including designing and building flood risk management schemes and promoting community level resilience.

Resource efficiency

We promote renewable energy through planning policy advice, conducting feasibility studies and undertaking impact assessments. Our Energy and Water Technology Optimisation Services (EWTOPS) helps clients improve their carbon footprints and save money.

We can help you

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