Solar Farm Flood Risk Analysis in Namibia

We conducted a flood frequency analysis and a flood risk assessment review for a solar PV farm in Namibia. Our understanding of solar PV farm hydrology, flood risk assessment and stormwater auditing, enabled us to discover flaws in the stormwater drainage network design.

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How did we support the project?

Major flooding occurred soon after construction of a solar PV farm in Namibia. We conducted a flood risk assessment, stormwater drainage analysis and reviewed the design studies, of the plant. The key challenge was to ensure the correct national standards had been applied, and that they were applicable to the data-poor location of the site, as well as determining whether the stormwater drainage network was adequate.

Assessing the current drainage system

We undertook a full review and independent calculation of rainfall probability for the recent flood event and compared this to the analysis prepared by the clients design consultant. All of the calculations for rainfall were found to be accurate and to have correctly used the South African methodologies for estimating rainfall.

The design of the stormwater drainage system made false assumptions about the soil's capacity for infiltration and the drainage system's ability to discharge through gravity.

Addressing the design flaws

Our significant experience with stormwater audits, our understanding of solar PV farm hydrology, and flood risk assessments in a variety of climates meant we were able to spot flaws in the stormwater drainage network design. The client's stormwater design team received these findings for further consideration, providing the client with the information needed to proceed with insurance claims and address design flaws in the stormwater drainage system.

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