Weather warning alerting service for Met Éireann


Met Éireann needed to deliver a weather warning alerting service that provided real-time, weather warnings to the public and selected organisations including energy, government, transport, telecommunication, water and utility companies. These organisations require alerts for locations throughout Ireland; they need to know if there is any immediate weather risk that could disrupt their ability to provide a service so that they can act and respond appropriately.


We developed a multi-faceted Weather Warning Alerting Service (WWAS) to meet this challenge. The service consumes weather warnings produced in the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) format.

The WWAS is made up of a secure Application Programming Interface (API), integrated into Met Éireann to allow the public to register to receive weather related notifications and to configure these notifications the be delivered via email, Short Message Service (SMS) and push notifications to the new Met Eireann App.  The API also provides the high level weather warning image and RSS feed used by Met Éireann.

Further, the WWAS includes a web interface delivered to Met Éireann’s digital branding standards. It is available to selected organisations, which allows the nominated users to configure who within their organisation receives notifications, for what weather type and if the notification is delivered by email and SMS. The web interface is built with flexibility to allow an unlimited set of configurations, meeting the needs of the most complex of organisations.

As a critical service for Met Éireann, the solution system architecture was designed to be highly available, using load balancers with multiple application servers and replicated database servers.


The service was launched in 2019, and will be used by the public and many national and local organisations to provide warnings of the following weather phenomenon; blight, coastal wind, fog, high temperature, low temperature, pollen, rain, road ice, snow/ice, thunder storm, ultra violet and wind. It performs an important role in helping the public and those organisations providing vital public services to remain available in the event of a weather emergency.

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To find out more information about the weather warning alerting service for Met Éireann, contact Stuart Wallace.

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