Strengthening climate resilience of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) in India

Location: Northern India.
Client: World Bank.
Partner: SECON (Sub-consultant to JBA)

An assessment of climate and weather threats to major freight railway, recommending weather resilience measures including early warning systems and strengthening operational emergency preparedness.


The World Bank is financing 1193 km of the 1839 km long Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) project in India, which is developing a dedicated railway line parallel to the existing passenger track, connecting Ludhiana, Khurja (Delhi) and Dankuni (Kolkata).

The objective is to strengthen the climate resilience of EDFC for the critical climate change parameters of temperature variation, fog and floods.


Through site visits and interviews with EDFC and Indian Railways staff, the JBA-SECON team, incorporating John Dora Consulting Ltd, identified what current practices and procedures are in place for managing weather hazard resilience on the EDFC corridor. This task also identified issues with design standards that will appear in recommendations.

We reviewed international practices of rail freight corridor operators in managing temperature variations and flooding. Using international experts in rail resilience we identified and detEDFC India workshopailed nine case studies where other countries have developed weather hazard risk reduction systems.

The JBA-SECON team developed and led a workshop in New Delhi comprising more than 40 specialists in EDFC and railway resilience, including experts from the UK and Japan. The participatory sessions which were held at the event, ensured all workshop attendees were able to put forward and record their reviews for improved EDFC weather hazard resilience.

We developed options with outline costs for rail resilience of weather hazards on the EDFC corridor, ensuring proposals were suited to the EDFC and can be operated by its personnel. Training, IT and other resource considerations were included in the recommendations.


A World Bank Review of the project stated:

The report is now playing a foundational role in guiding Government of India investment decision to increase disaster and climate resilience under the EDFC.

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