Network Rail Anglia Route use AssetCoast


Network Rail Anglia Route commissioned us to develop a web-based Coastal Asset Management System to help them manage all their assets that are vulnerable to coastal processes. The intention of the plan was to provide a framework to allow Network Rail to effectively plan for both short term and long term interventions.


To address this challenge, we used our web-based AssetCoast – Coastal Asset Management System. Designed in accordance with best practice guidance the system provides a consequence based asset risk assessment which considers:

  • the physical condition of the asset in combination with the risk from coastal erosion
  • wave overtopping
  • still water level flooding.

Network Rail was then able to identify those assets posing the largest risk to the rail network and so those requiring the largest maintenance investment.

In order for the coastal asset management plan to be effective over an extended time frame these risks were analysed in the present day and for three future time epochs. Analysing the future risk profile allowed the development of a long range view of likely liabilities, both in terms of the increasing coastal process risks posed to the assets and the likely future maintenance and capital costs.


AssetCoast uses a number of innovative online data capture, analysis and presentation techniques. These tools simplify large volumes of data relating to complex processes into simple, easy-to-use web-based tools that help the asset manager to easily identify those assets posing the greatest risk to the line from coastal processes. Analysis provided the evidence base necessary for Network Rail to develop a holistic, whole portfolio asset management plan to help better allocate and prioritise funding for coastal defence improvements.

Want to know more?

For more information on AssetCoast email Graham Kenn, Technical Director for Coastal, Maritime and River Engineering. You can also find out more about our work on our systems, software and data and coastal and maritime engineering web pages.

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