JBA appointed to SSE Hydrometric Monitoring, Analysis and Water Management Framework

We are proud to confirm our appointment to the SSE Hydrometric Monitoring, Analysis and Water Management Framework.

This framework will see our teams deliver services such as data analysis and interpretation, hydrological analysis and water resource modelling, as well as technical support and consultation for sustainable water management. Designed to provide comprehensive hydrological and water resource modelling services, the framework also includes the continuous monitoring and analysis of hydrometric data, to ensure that water resources are managed efficiently and sustainably.

A long-term partnership founded on innovation and the delivery of enhanced resilience

With the framework set to run for three years (with the possibility for two additional one-year extensions) this represents a significant opportunity to develop a long-term partnership, focused on sustained improvements and innovations in water resource management.

Guided by our ambition of leading in society's pursuit for resilience to climate change, we will support our clients in making informed decisions for managing water resource challenges. We'll also assist our clients in making strategic decisions that promote long-term resilience and sustainability in the face of a changing climate.

"Our team's dedication to delivering high-quality projects ensures that we will continue to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to support SSE's goals in efficient water resource management. We have successfully delivered numerous projects, including advanced hydrological, operational and water resource modelling, and we are very excited  to apply our expertise to support SSE."

Eva Kordomenidi, Framework Manager

"This framework award marks a significant milestone for JBA Consulting. Building on our track record of innovation and technical excellence, we are committed to leading the way in resilience work. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and supporting our clients in their pursuit of enhanced resilience and sustainable water management. Working with SSE on the sustainable use of water resources to efficiently generate renewable energy is a positive step in helping to respond to the challenges of climate change."

David Bassett, Framework Director

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For more information about our the SSE Hydrometric Monitoring, Analysis and Water Management Framework, please contact Eva Kordomenidi.

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