Climate Resilience: The Synergy of Creativity, Culture, and Business

Climate Resilience: The Synergy of Creativity, Culture, and Business

Art and our scientific work are not polar opposites; they complement each other and are mutually supportive in making sense of the world for ourselves and the communities we work with.

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Why would a science-based company collaborate with artists?

At JBA, we use science to explain things, design assets, calculate risks, and manage our surroundings. We rely on rational arguments and seek to move our clients and engage communities by pointing to truths.

Art and artists similarly point to truths but communicate through emotional engagement. While it may seem less precise than scientific explanations, art can be equally effective. It engages people through responses and feelings, helping to make complex issues relatable. Some artists break the mould and create value, both economic and cultural. Our values are very similar. We are curious, innovative, and always seek to explain complexity simply to benefit society.

Steve Maslen, JBA Director comments:

“This belief in the synergy between art and science led us to work with Steve Scott Bottoms on the Boxers Guide to Resilience 18 months ago. It’s why our staff collaborated with The Artery, culminating in the ‘Portrait of resilience’. We believe that art and artists add new dimensions and perspectives to our technical work. To bring people along on a sometimes difficult journey, we need to appeal to both the head and the heart, the rational and the emotional".

'A portrait of resilience' by Juliet Klottrup

We worked with The Artery and professional photographer Juliet Klottrupp to capture the human story of climate resilience through the exhibition.

The exhibition is based on JBA’s partnership work with North Yorkshire Council and Watertight International in the village of Malton, North Yorkshire. 

Through 10 images it powerfully documents the human impact of flooding, the vulnerability and the strength and resilience of community in a personal and heartfelt way.  

The exhibition was premiered at the Flood & Coast conference, and we recently held a launch event for over 40 clients and partners at our Head Office in Skipton.

Phil Emonson, JBA's Climate Resilience Transformation Lead said:

"Understanding what resilience to climate change means can be complex. It means different things to different people operating in different disciplines. Our ambition is to 'lead in society's pursuit for resilience to climate change' and to do this we know we need to find innovative and powerful ways to communicate and raise awareness."

Karen Merrifield, The Artery comments:

"The Artery brings creatives and businesses together as equals, to explore issues that are important to businesses and the communities they serve. This leads to different conversations and more meaningful engagement with colleagues, audiences, partners and stakeholders. Our work with JBA Consulting provided a great opportunity with clear and measurable benefits for both JBA and The Artery. We are delighted with Juliet’s exhibition which is already inspiring and informing the debate around resilience.” 

Empowering communities to build a more resilient future

We are committed to blending creativity, culture, and business to drive climate resilience. By leveraging the strengths of science, art, and community engagement, we can empower communities, create legacies, and build a society that is more resilient to climate change.

Together, we are not just addressing climate change — we are innovating, inspiring, and paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow.

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If you would like to find out more about our work with The Artery and how we are building a more resilient future, please contact Phil Emonson.

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