Enhancing global resilience through strategic partnership with Inter-American Development Bank

Enhancing global resilience through strategic partnership with Inter-American Development Bank

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The Inter-American Development Bank

We’re proud to announce a significant data sharing agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under the Development Data Partnership (DDP). This new agreement provides the IDB with access to our 30m resolution Global Flood Maps, which cover every country across the world.

Through the integration of our advanced flood hazard data into the IDB’s project planning and implementation strategies, the maps are poised to make a significant impact on infrastructure development and disaster risk management in regions across Central and Latin America which are vulnerable to climate change. 

Case Study: Resilient infrastructure in Peru

A notable IDB project that is benefiting from this collaboration is a resilient water and sanitation infrastructure development in Peru’s Puno region. By utilising JBA's Global Flood Maps, the IDB conducted detailed risk assessments that informed the design of flood resilient infrastructure. This $425 million initiative is set to transform the lives of over 500,000 residents by providing eagerly anticipated essential services.

Our commitment to knowledge sharing

We are committed to using our data for good to create a more resilient world. Our collaboration with the DDP allows JBA’s Global Flood Maps to reach the projects and communities that are most at risk in a changing climate. Our work in the International Development and humanitarian sectors demonstrates how JBA’s Global Flood Maps play a key role in helping vulnerable communities prepare for and mitigate the risks of flood hazards. They enable stakeholders to prioritise their efforts and allocate resources effectively, providing essential data for developing strategic flood and climate resilience plans. They are also a powerful communication tool in stakeholder engagement by visualising the extent and risks posed by flood events.

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank under the Development Data Partnership. We’re proud that our Global Flood Maps are extending their reach and impact, supporting critical efforts to protect vulnerable communities and promote sustainable development amid climate challenges.”

Alex Minett, JBA Technical Director

Explore JBA's Global Flood Maps

Click here to view a sample of JBA’s 30m resolution Flood Maps.

To learn more about JBA’s Global Flood Maps visit our website.

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