ForeCoast® Marine launches metocean database for enhanced global offshore wind downtime analysis
Susannah Brown | Innovation specialist

ERA5 hindcast data

JBA introduces a free metocean database feature in its latest release of ForeCoast® Marine, streamlining access to metocean data for global offshore wind downtime analysis. The integration of the industry standard European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts' (ECMWF) ERA5 hindcast dataset, spanning 1993 to 2022, enables users to retrieve hourly meteorological and oceanographic data at any specified location within the database. The database is available for 4 degrees out from the coast around the world, providing 60,288 locations for you to choose from! 

View an illustrative example here.

This significant enhancement not only accelerates the simulation process and streamlines offshore weather downtime analyses, but also eliminates potential financial constraints typically associated with data access. This aspect becomes especially pertinent when considering multiple sites during the initial planning phases, providing a cost-effective solution for comprehensive assessments. Alongside integrated ERA5 data, ForeCoast® Marine can also upload commercially available metocean datasets, including high resolution coastal data and users’ observations. 

Other notable enhancements include the introduction of a library feature. This new addition allows users to store simulation inputs as reusable templates, streamlining the setup process.

Additionally, users can now save their activities as templates, minimising time spent making manual adjustments. The presentation of result statistics has also been improved to include a new summary tab and clear definitions of variables, making the data more accessible and simpler to understand. 

Whether users are assessing potential wind farm locations and layouts, comparing vessel types, port locations, or turbine types, these features help multiple strategies to be compared with ease. The result is a more efficient and effective analysis process, contributing to improved decision-making in offshore wind power planning. 

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