JBA Consulting and Kinewell Energy strengthen partnership to enhance offshore wind inter-array cable solutions
Susannah Brown | Innovation Specialist

Enhancing offshore wind inter-array cable solutions

JBA Consulting and Kinewell Energy have joined forces to offer offshore wind developers a comprehensive solution for inter-array cable design and installation. Through enhanced access to Kinewell's KLOC software and JBA Consulting's ForeCoast® Marine platform, developers can now benefit from a highly efficient inter-array cable optimisation process.

This collaboration utilises Kinewell's KLOC software providing offshore wind developers with the ability to rapidly and economically design their inter-array cable layouts. The software prioritises the optimisation of capital costs while factoring in operational considerations such as electrical losses. Allowing developers to make informed decisions that strike an optimal balance between upfront investment and ongoing operational efficiency. Developers can then easily integrate their designs into JBA’s ForeCoast® Marine platform to simulate provide further optimisation and costing of installation strategies. Through this partnership, the entire process—from cable design to installation planning—is refined for maximum efficiency.

Nick Law, Technical Director at JBA Consulting said:

"We’re excited about the opportunities that this collaboration brings to the offshore wind industry. With KLOC delivering an impressive 20% CAPEX savings across project lifetimes and ForeCoast® Marine able to contribute an additional one-third in OPEX savings to the installation phase, this partnership sets a new standard for inter-array cable design and installation, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and sustainability of offshore wind projects."

Hamza Sajid, Business Development Manager at Kinewell Energy added:

“Together with JBA’s ForeCoast® Marine platform, we are excited to multiply the added value brought by Kinewell Energy and JBA individually to the offshore wind sector. We aim to jointly accelerate and reduce the cost of offshore deployment by not only prioritising optimisation but also ensuring operational efficiency. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for the growth and sustainability of offshore wind projects, reflecting our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the renewable energy sector.”

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For more information about the collaboration between JBA Consulting and Kinewell Energy, please contact Nick Law.

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