Learning through the generations – celebrating 40 years of the British Hydrological Society

This year the British Hydrological Society (BHS) celebrated its 40th anniversary, holding an in-person meeting featuring a multi-generational line-up of speakers whose hydrological careers started in seven different decades. The anniversary celebration theme was ‘Hydrology learning between the generations’. Looking back over the progress in hydrological research and practice, looking forward to current and emerging initiatives - and celebrating the increasing diversity in hydrology, with a particular focus on the contributions of women.

We are incredibly proud to have been represented at this landmark event by colleagues from across JBA: Vicky Shackle, Jenni Essex, Duncan Faulkner, Maxine Zaidman, Miranda Foster, Kirsty Murphy, Imogen Barnsley, Sam Watkiss, Lisa Chatterjee, Matthew Cowdell and Jeremy Benn. We were also joined at the event by our friends from JBA Trust, Alex Scott and Rob Lamb.

Dr Imogen Barnsley, Hydrologist at JBA Consulting: The Women of Hydrology

Imogen delivered a fascinating and well-received presentation exploring the crucial role of women past and present in the development of the hydrological sciences. Looking at the professional barriers many women faced historically, including restrictions on entry to academic institutions – alongside the significant contributions made by academics and professionals. Imogen’s presentation also highlighted the vital role indigenous knowledge has in our understanding of catchments and how the loss of these knowledge and attitudes can be detrimental to both the environment and the social fabric of the places these cultures inhabit. 

Duncan Faulkner, Chief Hydrologist at JBA Consulting and President of the British Hydrological Society

Duncan introduced the meeting, asking which of the participants had been present at BHS’s inaugural meeting in 1983 and which were attending their first ever BHS meeting. He encouraged these two groups to seek each other out during the day and share their experiences, in line with the central theme of the meeting, learning between the generations.

He also led the anniversary celebrations a little later in the day!

<strong>Duncan Faulkner, Chief Hydrologist at JBA Consulting and President of the British Hydrological Society</strong>
<strong>Duncan Faulkner, Chief Hydrologist at JBA Consulting and President of the British Hydrological Society</strong>

Dr Maxine Zaidman, Hydrologist and Head of Learning, Development and Support at JBA Consulting

Maxine prepared a poster presentation in collaboration with JBA’s training coordinator Katy Tunney highlighting the benefits of practitioner-led training within professional hydrology. Their poster also celebrated the 25 years in which JBA’s hydrologists have contributed to knowledge sharing in the field, helping to train the next generation of hydrologists and seeing them flourish in their careers. 

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Discover more about the British Hydrological Society on their website or contact Duncan Faulkner

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