Why choose the JBA Water Management and Geoscience graduate pathway?
Graduate Scheme

Why choose the JBA Water Management and Geoscience graduate pathway?

Join our specialist teams in developing leading resilience strategies and solutions founded on modelling and assessment of water and environmental processes.

We manage and model risks in both surface and subsurface environments, working with regulators, local authorities and directly with communities to build resilience on a varied range of flood protection, water quality and water supply projects. 

On this pathway, you could:

  • Contribute to Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programmes, working collaboratively across our disciplines to deliver innovative solutions to improve community resilience in the face of climate change.
  • Build cutting edge real-time flood forecasting models that help regulators effectively manage risk of flooding from rivers and the sea.  
  • Help embed 3D hydraulic modelling techniques to inform next-generation flood alleviation schemes. 
  • Model the environmental impacts of groundwater augmentation schemes 
Explore all the areas you could experience as part of our Water Management and Geoscience pathway here.

You could join our graduates and deliver innovative projects such as...

‘ResilienTogether’ Flood & Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme

“With support from JBA Consulting, ResilienTogether is creating a ‘Smart’ catchment, through innovative technologies and techniques, to reduce flood risk to people and places, enhance the water environment in the Pix Brook catchment and improve community resilience in the face of climate change.​ The project is achieving this through a close-knit partnership that collaborate to deliver six inter-related work packages. I am a Project Support Officer for ResilienTogether. This role includes working with the clients, project partners and stakeholders, organising and attending meetings and ensuring actions are met. I also provide technical support managing, analysing and mapping data and producing outputs for the wider project and individual work packages.”

Melody Burgess, Flood Resilience Analyst

'ResilienTogether' Flood & Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme

Felindre Property Flood Resilience

“The Felindre Property Flood Resilience (PFR) project involved undertaking PFR surveys of properties at flood risk and those that have previously experienced flooding. The surveys involved an external property survey, engaging with residents about flood history and identifying ingress points and sources of flooding. In my role as assistant surveyor, I accompanied colleagues to site to take measurements, write notes and take photographs. I was also involved in writing up the information into reports, creating figures and summarising the resilience measures and options suitable for the property, occupants and the nature of flood risk.”

Rebekah Alford, Flood Risk Analyst

Felindre Property Flood Resilience

Applications for this pathway will open in Autumn 2024. Register your interest today.
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