Delivering transformative technology to support increased resilience

Delivering transformative technology to support increased resilience

Following his interview with Construction and Civil Engineering Magazine, Managing Director, Marc Pinnell shares more on how delivering transformative technology will continue to shape the way we work and support our clients in building resilience to climate change.

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Developing world-leading technology through our continued investment in innovation and technology

The development and adoption of transformative technology has been key to JBA’s growth and forms a key part of our ambition to lead in society’s pursuit for resilience to climate change. By continuing this investment in innovation and technology we will advance the services we offer, the solutions and advice we provide and the ways in which we work.

Annually we commit more than 8% of our income to innovation which drives smarter delivery and problem solving. This has supported our ability to develop world-leading software, whilst also transforming the way we support service delivery through robust and streamlined information management.

As the largest UK provider of flood, hydrological and hydraulic modelling we have licence capacity to use leading software packages such as Flood Modeller, Delft and HEC-RAS. However, it’s through investment in our research and development programme that we’ve been able to create and deploy our own in-house software such as JFlow®.

JFlow® is a world-leading software package for simulating flood risks at anything from local to continental scales including river, surface water, coastal and dam break floods. It was the first modelling package of its kind to make use of GPU technology, meaning that simulations can be completed faster and more efficiently. This provides multiple benefits and by retaining the Intellectual Property of JFlow® we’ve been able to maintain and improve its functionality, offering greater support for our clients.

Recognised global leaders in flood risk science

Alongside retaining the IPR of other JBA-developed software systems such as Forecoast® Marine and Flood Foresight®, our commitment to research and development has also seen our teams develop market-leading high-resolution global flood maps and analytics. This has contributed to us now being recognised as the global leader in flood risk science and provider of such datasets.

Recognising that levels of resilience need to change over time in response to climate change, we have developed cutting-edge methodologies to enable, for the first time - probabilistic flood modelling anywhere in the world. Whilst our catastrophe models allow clients to understand the frequency, severity and spatial correlations of flood risk across their entire portfolio of assets or investments – empowering them to make informed decisions about their risk.

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Our flood maps, catastrophe models analytics and software are used by some of the world's largest organisations. Going forward, our strategy is to not only increase investment in our tools and innovation but also to increase the scale and pace at which we develop new products and data. This will be required if we are to deliver truly transformative technology in support of increased resilience to climate change.

For more information please contact Marc Pinnell.

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