JBA signs data sharing agreement with World Bank under Development Data Partnership

A new data partnership

We’re excited to announce our appointment to the Development Data Partnership providing the World Bank with enhanced access to JBA’s Global Flood Maps. The Partnership is a collaboration between international organisations and technology companies, facilitating the efficient and responsible use of third-party data in international development.

Under the agreement, the World Bank has access to our 30m resolution flood hazard maps for every country in the world. The maps provide flood extents and depths across multiple return periods and cover both river and surface water flooding as well as coastal flooding in some countries.

The collaboration builds on our extensive International Development work with the World Bank and other development banks, NGOs and governments.

“We are delighted to be appointed to the Partnership and are proud of the role that our Flood Maps can play in supporting the World Bank in its mission to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.”

Mark Lawless, JBA Director.

How can JBA’s Global Flood Maps help?

In a changing climate, there has never been a more critical time to understand the extent and potential impacts of flood hazards. Access to high quality flood hazard data globally is crucial in planning for and mitigating the risks of flood hazards. From civil contingencies and humanitarian preparedness to transport network operations and integrated flood risk management across international borders.

JBA’s Global Flood Maps are an important source of information to support vulnerable communities in being better prepared and more resilient to the impacts of climate change. They can help to inform policy analyses and research for teams working in low-income countries and fragile states, where floods can cause severe damage and distress.

How can JBA’s Global Flood Maps help?
How can JBA’s Global Flood Maps help?
How can JBA’s Global Flood Maps help?
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Click here to view a sample of JBA’s 30m resolution Flood Maps.

To learn more about JBA’s Global Flood Maps visit our website or email us to access the maps you need.

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