Working With Natural Processes: Risk, resilience and multiple benefits

JBA Working with Natural Processes training course

The focus of the WWNP Evidence Directory has been on flood risk reduction, and there are a number of Defra and NERC projects now set up to investigate the effectiveness in more detail. However, from a natural capital perspective, the multiple benefits of WWNP are more obvious. This module covers flood risk appraisal as a starting point, and then how different approaches can be used to assess multiple benefits, from water quality, to sediment and erosion control, habitats, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

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Topics covered:

  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Uncertainty in modelling
  • Uncertain changes because of WWNP
  • Assessing multiple benefits

This module is aimed at scientists and engineers keen to understand multiple benefits of WWNP and natural capital approaches.

By the end of this modules you will have an understanding of:

  • Flood risk and uncertainties
  • Resilience
  • How flood risk appraisal is undertaken, and how WWNP can be incorporated?
  • How multiple benefits of WWNP can be assessed with industry standard tools?
  • Case Studies of natural capital assessment

Angus Pettit BSc MSc CEnv CSci MCIWEM C.WEM

Angus is a Technical Director for economic appraisal. He has undertaken economic appraisals across the UK for a range of project types and has recently worked on a number of research projects in relation to property level protection, asset management and cost estimation. He is an experienced hydraulic modeller with high skill levels in a range of modelling techniques to support the assessments of flood risk for use in engineering works, flood forecasting, flood alleviation schemes, flood risk assessments, post flood studies and flood hazard mapping purposes.

Barry Hankin, Head of Environmental Modelling

Barry is JBA’s Head of Environmental Modelling and has worked for JBA for over 12 years, having previously worked for the EA, SEPA and in academia. His work has centered around understanding whole catchment risks better, covering a range of disciplines including, flood risk management, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, diffuse pollution and GIS.

Prof Rob Lamb, Chief Scientist

Rob is JBA’s Chief Scientist and an Honorary Professor at LEC with over 20 years’ experience of academic and applied research in stochastic and process-based hydrology, computational hydraulics, flood risk analysis and climate change assessment.

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