Flood Risk Asset Inspection Awareness (T98)

T98 asset inspection awareness

We are pleased to be expanding our well established on-site asset inspection services in to a suite of ALL NEW Flood Risk Asset Inspection (T98) accredited courses, which are focused towards Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) but we are also happy to develop bespoke training courses to any client’s specific needs.

Our Accreditation Certificates are signed off by John Chatterton, one of T98’s original developers for the Environment Agency, who has been integral to the development of the NEW training materials and in setting the high quality standards for this course.

JBA have the only fully certified Flood Risk Asset Inspection Accreditors, in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Condition Assessment Manual (also known as T98 inspections) in the UK that able to sign that the accreditation standards have been met and they also provide valued one to one mentoring.

There are 2 different courses we can offer developed for different skill levels:  a Flood Risk Asset Inspection Awareness Course (T98) or a Flood Risk Asset Inspection Accreditation (T98) Course.

The Flood Risk Asset Inspection awareness course (also known as T98 inspections) is a one day, classroom based course.  It is an introduction to the, Condition Assessment Manual, Asset template and Weightings Guidance Manual and general inspection process.  It covers coastal assets, fluvial assets, culverts and Sustainable Drainage systems (SuDS).

This course is aimed at:

  • those with no knowledge of how to carry out a flood risk asset inspection (also known as T98 inspection)
  • inspectors with certification that has expired who are looking for a refresher course
  • inspectors looking at gaining additional skills.

Dr John Chatterton

John is an independent lecturer in project appraisal and business systems for the water, river management and utilities industry, with a career spanning over 45 years working in UK, Asia, the United States, the Caribbean, Russia and Europe.

John worked with The Environment Agency and HR Wallingford to produce the original Condition Assessment Manual (CAM), he also produced the Element and Weightings Guidance with the Environment Agency

He specialises in asset management in both the water and river sectors and has coordinated projects in the Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, and in the UK, as a framework contractor to the Environment Agency and adviser to SEPA and the Northern Ireland Rivers Agency (now the Department for Infrastructure).  John has also worked with Severn Trent Water International on organisational reviews, privatisation initiatives for water utility companies in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Bangladesh and India. Most recently he has advised United National Development Programme on climate change resilience projects for submissions to the Green Climate Fund in the Republic of Georgia, Nepal and East Timor.

Craig Lucas

Craig is a specialist in FCERM asset inspection with over 8 years’ experience and is currently delivering a range of flood risk management projects, including flood attenuation schemes and individual property level flood mitigation works.  More recently Craig has been carrying out asset inspections for several Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Condition Assessment Manual, also known as T98 inspections.

Craig has been an accredited T98 inspector for over 3 years and is one of just a handful of fully qualified Flood Risk Asset Inspection Accreditors in the UK that have been officially authorised by John Chatterton to teach the Condition Assessment Manual training materials to inspectors.

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