Flood Risk Assessment

JBA Flood Risk Management training course

An introductory overview of current planning policy and regulatory background behind flood risk assessment and surface water drainage (including the requirements of the Sequential and Exception Tests and Sustainable Drainage Systems). This one day course outlines the requirements for Flood Risk Assessments at a site-specific scale for individual sites.

Reference will be made to the relevance of Strategic Flood Risk Assessments and Catchment Flood Management Plans. The course does not include detailed training on hydrological assessment, hydraulic modelling, or the design of SuDS, please see ‘Related courses’.

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This course is aimed at:

  • Those undertaking studies for proposed developments
  • Professionals carrying out Flood Risk Assessments
  • Managers and regulators involved in reviewing and approving FRAs

This course provides an overview of current planning policy and the regulatory background behind the need for FRAs and surface water drainage, the scope, content and purpose of FRAs and the methodologies within these studies.

Gavin Hodson BSc FdSc

Gavin has been involved in a wide range of hydraulic modelling studies using HEC-RAS (1D), Flood Modeller- TUFLOW (1D-2D) and JFlow®(2D). He has also contributed to engineering studies for local authorities involving outline design of flood alleviation options. Gavin has experience in undertaking Flood Risk Assessments for varying sized developments and outline design surface water drainage systems and SuDS to support planning applications.

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