Streamlining scheduled monument surveys by utilising innovative JBA software

Calling upon the expertise of our heritage and archaeology team, this ongoing project has seen us conduct more than 600 scheduled monument surveys across the UK.

Tasked with surveying monuments within Ministry of Defence (MoD) rural training areas, this project has seen our teams travel across the UK assessing monuments from as far as Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands.

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    Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)
    Ministry of Defence (MoD)
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Combining heritage and archaeology expertise with innovations in data collection and storage

With monuments located on MoD training areas across the country quinquennial surveys are required to assess if there has been any damage in the five-year period between surveys. Ranging from single rock carvings and stone cairns to entire mine complexes and landscapes, the surveys are an opportunity to monitor the condition of such monuments.

Traditionally these surveys would have required data such as photo registers to be entered manually. However, by making use of JBA’s GISmapp® software and working with the software development team to create an application which would streamline the survey and report process, we have been able to increase our efficiency.

As well as being able to fill in survey forms digitally and record location data and photographs, the updated app also transformed the way we create and share reports. One of the biggest benefits of using GISmapp® is that data can be exported onto an existing template, allowing our teams to auto-generate reports with the click of a button. As a result, we have been able to produce standardised and consistent reports whilst dealing with large data sources.

In contrast to previous surveys which had been completed using paper maps and survey forms, our use of GISmapp® has resulted in greater accuracy and the ability to check and mark accurate locations on site to correct any mistakes in the spatial data. To date we have successfully surveyed over 600 monuments for Landmarc, submitted around 50 reports and through contract extensions continue to work on the quinquennial scheduled monument surveys.

"We have worked with JBA for a number of years, particularly around the service they provide for us inspecting and reporting on Scheduled Monument condition, but also in other areas such as management of dams and reservoirs.

Clear specialists in their field, JBA are highly professional, deliver top quality inspection reports, and are an engaging and flexible business to do work with. Much of the work we do in partnership is subject to various constraints and complications, but JBA support both the centre and the delivery regions of our business, ensuring our needs are always met. I would not hesitate to recommend JBA as a service delivery partner".

Lewis Morrison – Rural Estate and Assurance Manager, Landmarc Support Services

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Through the success of this project, we have continued to work with Landmarc Support Services on a variety of heritage related projects including the assessment of a Grade II Listed Blue Streak Ballistic Missile and historic building surveys. For more on these projects and the other services our heritage and archaeology team offer, contact Kirsten Holland.

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