Coastal Change at JBA

Our team

The Marine and Coastal Risk Management group at JBA is a team of experts who are passionate about contributing to the improvement of coastal resilience and mitigating coastal hazards in the face of our changing climate.

With a growing portfolio of work, both in the UK and internationally, there are currently a number of opportunities to join our expanding team of experts.

Our aims

Coastal change at JBA

Collaborative working and research underpin our service in this area. We combine expertise in numerical modelling, in-situ and remote sensing data collection, programming, and software development. Our team is research-led, writing and developing code and tools to integrate models and data analysis into practical and efficient solutions to Coastal Change problems.

We apply a range of techniques from parametric models to complex process-based models and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Through internal Research and Development and academic collaborations, we aim to bridge the gap between research and practical application, continually updating and refining our approaches.

Working in this way supports our clients to not only better understand risk and uncertainty, but also plan for sustainable development and future climate change adaptation. Our team provides services to local communities and national organisations to make sure that resilience and adaptation to Coastal Change can be delivered at all levels of society.

Our changing coasts are a global problem with the most vulnerable communities often not having the resources to understand and reduce risk. We are committed to taking the latest science and technology and applying it globally to support our international partners and improve our overall societal resilience.

Our approach

Coastal Change is complex and requires expertise and input across a vast range of areas. At JBA we work as one team, providing our clients with end-to-end delivery through expertise in all aspects and stages of a project. To help us achieve our aims, we need future leaders in:

  • Coastal sediment transport and evolution
  • Morphodynamic modelling
  • Beach response under storm conditions
  • Coastal response to sea-level rise
  • Data collection, remote sensing, and monitoring
  • Statistical and probabilistic modelling
  • Forecasting and Early Warning Systems
  • Software development and programming

Your career

Roles are available to help grow our Coastal Change service area, but critically, we require motivated, ambitious, and forward-thinking individuals that can help us achieve our vision of a more resilient and sustainable society.

Want to know more?

If think you are a good fit, please contact Dr Doug Pender for an informal discussion.

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