Advances in Offshore Planning with SeaPlanner™ and ForeCoast® Marine Integration

We are pleased to announce the integration of JBA’s innovative metocean risk management software – ForeCoast® Marine – with SeaRoc’s SeaPlanner™ marine management, providing enhanced tools for planning works offshore.

Cutting edge metocean risk management

Through the integration of ForeCoast® Marine, the SeaPlanner system will provide a cutting-edge metocean risk management feature for accessing and viewing metocean data from various sources. It will optimise the timing and sequencing of operations to minimise weather downtime, for quantifying the knock-on effects of metocean delays, and for generating simple and informative reports that can be shared with the supply chain in just a few clicks.

“The integration of ForeCoast® Marine enables a completely new function to the existing planning features of the SeaPlanner system”, said Steve Pears, Managing Director at SeaRoc Group. “Not only can clients effectively manage their transfer plans with vessel availability, records of tasks to be carried out and availability of trained personnel, but with the ForeCoast® Marine integration it is now possible to include availability of weather and metocean windows for the transits to take place – potentially saving thousands and ensuring operational optimisation at all times. This additional functionality allows SeaPlanner clients to plan all types of vessel activity, taking into consideration, weather and metocean forecasts.”

SeaPlanner provides advanced personnel and operational planning tools for large scale projects, enabling you to plan and monitor operations, using a controlled, compliant and auditable method. The software features a range of tools for ensuring the safety of personnel and the efficient running of the project, including inductions, certification management, personnel and asset tracking, manifesting and access control. New for 2018 – RAMS and Permit to Work functionality, provides a complete audit trail of the contractor’s journey throughout the project.

Integrated system

“We are delighted to partner with SeaRoc Group to enhance the services that we can offer to our clients. Collaboration has been central to the successful development of ForeCoast® Marine and our partnership with SeaRoc Group is a prime example of this, demonstrating that a whole integrated system is greater than the sum of its parts”, Dr Mark Lawless, JBA Director said.

Weather downtime costs many millions of pounds during the construction of a windfarm, and during the life of its operations. ForeCoast® Marine helps to reduce these costs through more efficient and informed planning and through a direct reduction in vessel downtime costs.”

Want to know more?

You can find our more about ForeCoast® Marine here or you can email the following media contacts:

Joanne Woodhouse – JBA Consulting

Sarah Simmons – SeaRoc Group


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