Ofwat publishes assessment of business plans for water companies in England and Wales

Ofwat publishes assessment of business plans for water companies in England and Wales

Following the publication of Ofwat's 2024 price review, which challenges water companies across England and Wales to produce high-quality plans to ensure they deliver more for customers and the environment, JBA Managing Director, Marc Pinnell shares his thoughts on the announcement.

Marc Pinnell, Managing Director

Today is an important next step for the future development of the water industry in England and Wales. Ofwat, in their draft determinations, have agreed to a £94 rise in water bills, on average, by the end of the 8th Asset management period (AMP8), covering 2025 to 2030. The industry expects AMP8 to involve a step change in activity, with record levels of funding committed by the water sector. Final determinations by Ofwat will be issued in December 2024.

An increase in customer bills, as approved by Ofwat, will have to come with improvements in delivery. The water industry recognises that it needs to improve the quality of its water provision and wastewater management, especially in the context of increases in demand, an increased risk of reductions in supply availability and a loss of its social license to operate.

The water industry must become more resilient in the face of these challenges. JBA is a leading consultancy in society’s pursuit for resilience to climate change and has a broad range of expertise suitable to help UK water companies and regulators achieve their mutual goals. Water is an essential part of everyday life, with uses ranging from bathing to power generation, and it is an imperative that delivery outcomes are achieved in the national interest”

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For more information about the services and expertise we can provide to support water companies and regulators in achieving their mutual goals, contact Steve Thompsett, Head of Water Management.

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