Promoting surface water management best practice and knowledge sharing at Flood & Coast

Flood & Coast 2024 saw experts from our water management discipline share their expertise by delivering a one-of-a-kind workshop, exploring the challenges of linking policy and local delivery when delivering surface water management.

Led by JBA's Local Flood Risk Management Lead, Anna Beasley and Head of Water Management, Steve Thompsett, with the support of Michael Bradshaw (London Borough of Harrow), the workshop provided space for practitioners to discuss topics such as governance, partnerships, tools and technology, data and evidence and embedding action.

Sharing knowledge to address ongoing challenges

Through our experience working on behalf of Defra to produce new national guidance for Section 19 flood investigations, this workshop presented an opportunity to share the most valuable lessons we'd learnt whilst carrying out extensive engagement with Lead Local Flood Authorities. These challenges and our approach to them formed a starting point for wider discussions between attendees, culminating in delegates collaborating in groups to focus on solutions and innovative approaches to ongoing issues.

“This was a rare chance to bring together lead local flood authorities and practitioners in the same room to discuss their wide and varied experiences and challenges, as well as identifying opportunities. The variety in governance, capacity and flood settings across the group emphasised there is no one-size fits all out of the box solution for delivery of flood risk management at a local level. We were inspired by the sharing of such innovative ideas and good practice by lead local flood authorities.”

Anna Beasley, Local Flood Risk Management Lead

Leading change by encouraging innovative thinking

As well as being an opportunity to share our findings, this workshop was a valuable opportunity to gather suggestions and best practice across those managing flood risk.

The workshop outputs will be shared to encourage new, better and innovative ways of working. They will also contribute to shaping our services to support the direction of surface and groundwater flood risk management and resilience, against the backdrop of the National Infrastructure Commission reducing the risk of surface water flooding review.

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Want to know more?

For more information about this workshop, or to discuss our services and expertise in surface water management, please contact Anna Beasley.

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