JBA Consulting partners with Quoceant on cutting-edge subsea technology development

We're excited to announce that our ForeCoast® Marine software has been chosen by Quoceant to demonstrate the benefits of its innovative Q-Connect system.

Susannah Brown | Innovation specialist

What is the Q-Connect System? 

The Q-Connect system is a versatile subsea technology, a quick connection system designed for the rapid and safe connection and disconnection of moorings and electrical cables to marine renewable devices. Its 'hands-free' remote operation eliminates the need for specialised vessels or complex cable handling. Offering a safer, more efficient alternative to conventional methods. 

Why ForeCoast® Marine?

ForeCoast® Marine has been chosen by Quoceant to demonstrate what makes the Q-Connect system a game-changer for the marine energy sector. Our software will be used to simulate how Q-Connect performs in real-world offshore energy projects, comparing it to traditional connection methods.  Evaluating everything from costs and project timelines to environmental impact. This modelling work is supported as part of Quoceant’s wider development programme which has received funding from the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP).

Why ForeCoast<sup>®</sup> Marine?
Why ForeCoast<sup>®</sup> Marine?

Benefits for floating offshore wind

Leigh Baxter, an IDCORE Research Engineer working with Quoceant, will also use ForeCoast® Marine to explore the Q-Connect system's specific advantages for floating offshore wind farms. The project aims to address the unique challenges of floating platforms, such as maintaining stability and ensuring reliable electrical connections in changing conditions. This investigation will underline the transformative potential of the Q-Connect system for the floating wind sector. 

Nick Law, Technical Director at JBA Consulting commented:

"It's exciting to see ForeCoast® Marine being utilised at the forefront of technology development within the renewable energy sector. This application highlights the versatility and value of our software in driving innovation and supporting the evolution of sustainable energy solutions. It's a testament to the potential of ForeCoast® Marine not just as a tool for strategic and operational planning, but as a catalyst for pioneering advancements in the industry."

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To find out more about ForeCoast® Marine, JBA's offshore wind planning software, visit our webpage. 

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