JBA Appointed to Network Rail Control Period 7 Framework for Earthworks Asset Management

We are proud to announce that we have been appointed to Network Rail’s CP7 Framework for Earthworks Asset Management, which is set to run over a five-year period (with the potential for a further five-year extension).

The framework will see us utilise technological advancements to support the ongoing development of Network Rail’s Earthworks Asset Management System – a JBA-developed application which captures the information about geotechnical earthwork structures.

As part of the expanded system scope, our work will include the development of a cloud-based GIS asset management system that will manage and report on data from over 330k locations and the creation of a photograph library capable of storing 5.5 million images.

Having first been approached by Network Rail North East Zone (LNEZ) in 2002 to assess and develop a digital asset management application, we are delighted to continue this illustrious partnership, reinforcing our dedication to innovation, excellence and exceptional client solutions.

This would not have been possible without the initial foresight of the Network Rail geotechnical team in LNEZ, followed by the adoption of the asset management system at a national scale, which has received extensive support from the Network Rail national, regional and route teams. 

"JBA's successful appointment to the Control Period 7 Framework marks the continuation of our long-standing and valued relationship with Network Rail, which commenced in 1997. The geotechnical asset management project was conceived in 2001, with a pioneering approach to assess and develop a digital asset management application to capture geotechnical earthwork, embankment, cutting and rock slope, structures through GISmapp. We are extremely proud to continue nearly quarter of a century of collaboration and innovation on this project alone."

Andrew Gubbin, Director

A journey underpinned by our core values

This appointment is a testament to our steadfast adherence to our foundational core values.

  • Collaborative: Our enduring partnership with Network Rail and its array of third-party suppliers, consultants, and contractors is a reflection of our collaborative ethos, striving collectively to engineer the most efficacious technical solutions.
  • Consistently Driven: The evolution of technology across the lifespan of this project, characterised by the adoption of ground-breaking yet untested innovations, underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.
  • Great people to do business with: Nearly a quarter-century of collaboration with Network Rail underscores our commitment to fostering lasting, meaningful partnerships, further clarifying our status as preferred collaborators in business.
  • Commercially aware: Our proactive identification of opportunities that augment operational efficiencies and cater to the long-term strategic goals of our clients exemplifies our commercial insight.
  • Up for the challenge: Plenty of these with new and ever-changing technology.
  • Leaders in our industry: Our extensive expertise across hardware, software, data management, and cloud computing unequivocally positions JBA as a vanguard in our field.
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Want to know more?

For more information about our role on Network Rail's CP7 Framework, please contact Stuart Wallace.

Or to read more about how our specialist software is helping our clients stay at the forefront of technology and asset management, read our insight dedicated to the evolution of GISmo to GISmapp.

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