How geospatial data helps us build a climate resilient future
Miranda Pont | Digital Content Writer

Resilience in a changing climate

Here at JBA we work with clients and communities to adapt and build resilience to climate change - both in the UK and worldwide. Geospatial data plays a crucial role in this work, including global flood hazard data through JBA's Global Flood Maps. These maps are available worldwide, providing flood extents and depths across multiple return periods. and cover both river and surface water flooding as well as coastal flooding in some countries.

Dr Mark Lawless comments:
Everything about a resilience project is spatial. Where people live, where the infrastructure is, where the opportunities for natural based solutions are, the hazard itself - spatial data is at the heart of it all. We still have to fill in a lot of gaps where data are sparse. But as time progresses, data becomes more easily available. We can combine on-ground observations with globally available data sets, for instance, to create a more complete virtual landscape of the situation.”

In a recent interview for The Ellipsis Drive Podcast with the Ellipsis Drive CEO Rosalie van der Maas, JBA Director Mark Lawless explores some of the ways we're using geospatial data to build resilience in a changing climatic landscape. You can watch the full podcast here:

Watch the Ellipsis drive podcast here:

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You can find out how JBA’s Global Flood Maps can help mitigate your flood risks over on our webpage JBA's Global Flood Maps.  Whether that's for an individual site, region or a whole country or continent. Or contact us today at to access the maps you need.

An innovation supported by JBA Labs

JBA’s Global Flood Maps are always improving. And through JBA Labs we’re accelerating the pace, the efficiency and the scale at which we innovate. Delivering for our clients, our business and our people. With a dedicated team of innovation specialists, JBA Labs is here to nurture and support every stage of innovation. From scoping out ideas right through to commercialisation. We help deliver projects at any scale, from creating more efficient processes to developing game-changing innovations.

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