Milestones of success: celebrating the career achievements of our colleagues

Here at JBA, we want our colleagues to have a long and rewarding career with us. We also value the unique knowledge and experience that colleagues returning to JBA bring with them. That's why we're committed to professional development and offer a generous training budget, career development opportunities such as secondments and chartership, and long service bonuses. Just a few of the benefits that make building a career with us possible. Read more from four of our colleagues about their experience with JBA.

Rebecca Stroud - Chartered Senior Analyst

"I have been at JBA for 10 years and time has absolutely flown by! JBA has always supported my career development ever since I finished university, up to my chartership success and beyond into the present day. Throughout my time here, I have received a wide range of formal technical and non-technical training which has been incredibly valuable for my upskilling. Opportunities on a multitude of different projects have also allowed me to branch out and find my niche over the years. I enjoy variety in my day so a mix of technical work and project management across flood forecasting, hydraulic modelling and flood warning disciplines always keeps me busy. Every day is different, a learning experience and comes with challenges, but I have always been supported by JBA - I have confidence that I always will be."

Emily Turpin - Senior Engineer

"I’ve just celebrated my 10 year anniversary with JBA. I have always felt supported during my time at JBA; through the experience I’ve gained working on JBA-Bentley projects I have become an Incorporated Engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers. I enjoy the variety of work at JBA and particularly relish working on design and build projects. Having the opportunity to work in a design and build joint venture, which is quite unusual in the industry, has helped me develop as an Engineer and appreciate the buildability aspects of design work and consider this through the design process. Seeing these projects being delivered on the ground is particularly rewarding; reducing the risk of flooding and protecting people’s homes and businesses."

Miranda Foster - Principal Analyst

"I joined JBA in 1998, working on water resources modelling, flood forecast modelling, and hydrology and hydraulic modelling. I left in October 2000 to have a baby - I think the first JBA maternity leave.

In April 2001, I started work at Yorkshire Water as a senior hydrologist. Mainly doing water resources simulation modelling, but also water resources planning, modelling the impacts of climate change on resources, and providing support to operational teams and advice on complex licences.
After 2 droughts in 5 years, and a desire to be able to enjoy summer weather without having to worry about drought permits, I thought it was time to consider a move. And after Nathan (that 1st JBA baby!) did an internship at JBA Risk last year, I got chatting to some JBA ex-colleagues and decided it might be time to return.
I’ll be involved in projects looking at drought measures on the River Wye, and various projects in water resources and hydrology.  I’m also for the first few months seconded back part time to my Yorkshire Water role to help finish their Water Resources Management Plan and handover to my successor there."

Andy Collier - Technical Director

"Riding a motorbike isn’t hard but riding it well and experiencing what it’s capable of, is an all-encompassing and thrilling experience. I love challenging myself and feeling that I’m improving at doing something, and hopefully doing it well. As research and training has shown, it’s a science, but done well it can look like art.
Having worked at JBA for over 16 years, I was pleased to be told that I would receive a long service bonus. Having completed two days of motorbike training with the California Superbike School (CSS) last year at Cadwell Park, I knew exactly what I wanted to do - the same again but at Donnington Park. 
The CSS exists primarily to improve cornering confidence and skills for motorcyclists – they breakdown the science into discrete actions, that you then practice on the racetrack. I don’t know the accuracy of this statement, but I was once told, most motorbike accidents don’t involve any other vehicles and are most often on a bend. The statistics may or may not support this statement, but it resonated with me as I was/still am most cautious on a bend. Doing this training last year and now this year, is helping me to learn lots of techniques that are making me safer on the road, and faster on the racetrack."

CSS Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby, Derbyshire, UK. 5th July 2023.
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