Environment Agency launches its Natural Flood Management (NFM) programme prospectus

NFM Programme Prospectus

The Environment Agency (EA) have recently released it's NFM programme prospectus, details of which can be found here. The EA target is for 260 NFM projects to be delivered between 2021-2027.

In addition to providing advice on NFM potential in catchments and coastal regions, we can help support clients with the new application process. It is a much more streamlined approach and the partnership funding policy for FCRM grant in aid will not apply to these projects. 

How JBA can help

We have undertaken the following to demonstrate our expertise in NFM:

  • We have developed a JBA training course that will help Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) identify, develop, appraise and fund NFM schemes in catchments. You can find details of our NFM training course here.
  • We have a number of teams specialising in the identification, assessment, modelling and appraisal of NFM projects, including those that may be needed to support larger hybrid schemes where the NFM element is part of a wider business case.

Key rules from the latest guidance include:

  • All projects should deliver flooding benefits in England.
  • Encouragement to maximise benefits through the design of larger scale NFM with multiple, integrated projects across a catchment or large area.
  • To demonstrate a flood risk benefit, NFM measures will need to be located near to a place at risk of flooding.
  • From an ecological perspective, we will prioritise projects that help to improve waterbodies where ecological status is poor or moderate.
  • Whilst additional funding is not required, applicants are encouraged to secure funding from other sources to support the delivery of wider multi-beneficial outcomes.
  • The programme will pay for development, project management, monitoring and capital costs. This fund is not for maintenance. Generally, landowners would be expected to carry out maintenance of any eligible NFM measures.

Timescales for future submissions

Clients may need assistance during this process:

  • Risk Management Authorities can apply now until 10 November 2023.
  • Government and Environment Agency will announce the successful projects in early 2024. Work on these projects will take place between then and 31 March 2027.
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Want to know more?

For further information, please contact Steve Rose.

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