Supporting the Government's plan to adapt the UK to impacts of climate change

Across JBA we are set on a programme of change to embed resilience and adaptation to climate change in our thinking, services, advice we offer our clients and in our project delivery.

Murray Dale | Technical Director

The Third National Adaptation Programme

Following confirmation by the Met Office (2023) as the hottest June on record in the UK, the government has released the third National Adaptation Programme (NAP3). The strategic five-year plan (2023-2028) brings together policies and actions to address the risks and opportunities arising from climate change identified in the third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3), including those to infrastructure, the natural environment, business, health and communities. It also covers areas falling within the scope of the UK Government’s responsibilities in relation to England, and its non-devolved functions in relation to the rest of the UK.

Our Adaptation to Climate Change Training

Whilst these steps seek to mark a step-change in the UK government’s approach to climate adaptation, a sense of urgency is still required by the public and private sectors to ensure climate change adaptation and resilience in the UK is fully realised.

We currently offer training for the ISO 14090 Standard (Adaptation to Climate Change) delivered in partnership with Climate Sense to help practitioners understand the frameworks that support climate resilience, develop strategic and structured approaches to decision-making, manage uncertainties and develop a deeper appreciation of the interdependencies that climate risk presents.

How we are engaging with the Governments changes

Our climate resilience specialists have also recently led three key projects to support the joint Met Office and UKRI UK Climate Resilience Programme. These projects (UKCR programme) have brought together very wide groups of stakeholders in the UK and internationally. They have identified future climate information needs and developed new climate services standards and guidance (working with Climate Sense) and a methodology for valuing climate services (working with Paul Watkiss Associates).


Our commitment to resilience

Alongside climate science and industry collaborators, we have also provided climate change guidance and tools for UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR), water utilities and the flood risk management community. The UKWIR Climate Change Rainfall and FUTURE DRAINAGE projects have delivered important research outputs for government agencies, industrial sectors and the water industry to improve climate change adaptation and resilience to changing rainfall patterns.

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Find out more about our Climate Adaptation services and discover more about our ISO 14090 Standard (Adaptation to Climate Change) training course here.

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