JBA Bentley Celebrates 10th Birthday

JBA Bentley Celebrates 10th Birthday

Last month marked 10 years since JBA Consulting and JN Bentley came together to form award-winning, integrated design and build contactor, JBA Bentley. With hundreds of projects now under their belt and big plans for the future, June saw the JBA Bentley team reflecting on their growth and celebrating some of their biggest achievements so far.

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Founded on 12 June 2013, JBA Bentley brought together the specialist environmental engineering and management knowledge of JBA Consulting and the national civil engineering expertise of JN Bentley. This new collaboration would allow JBA Bentley to deliver a wide range of environmental and flood management schemes, which included environmental work, modelling, mapping, emergency planning, feasibility, detailed design and construction. This led to them being appointed to the the Environment Agency’s Water and Environmental Management (WEM) Framework, with the first scheme being delivered in 2014.

Delivering low carbon solutions

A second framework soon followed (the Asset Recovery Programme of Works), as did a second office as JBA Bentley continued to grow and evolve. By embracing projects and schemes of all sizes, JBA Bentley were able to establish themselves as trusted suppliers to range of clients. This allowed their focus to evolve by specialising in the safe and efficient delivery of low carbon solutions, which can be seen in award-winning projects such as the Bentley Ings Pumping Station, Great Yarmouth Tidal Defence Project and South Ferriby Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Delivering low carbon solutions
Delivering low carbon solutions
Delivering low carbon solutions

Continued growth and success

JBA Bentley’s client portfolio continues to diversify with the Environment Agency, Coal Authority and local authorities all benefiting from their expertise. In 2023, works are ongoing on a host of exciting projects across the UK. None more so than the Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realignment Scheme, which will see the installation of new flood defences and the creation of 275 hectares of intertidal and freshwater habitats provide food and habitat for a variety of bird species native to the Humber Estuary.

Continued growth and success
Continued growth and success

"JBA Bentley has exceeded all expectations over the last 10 years. Originally set up to help the Environment Agency deliver its 2015-2021 flood and coastal risk management programme, our client base has expanded to include other land drainage and environmental organisations and key infrastructure providers.

We have built integrated teams of designers, constructors and other professionals who are delivering innovative, low carbon and sustainable projects. The next 10 years will see us continue on our sustainability journey with even greater use of digital technology and innovation to reduce costs and carbon and to provide enhanced biodiversity.”

Jeremy Benn, Director JBA Bentley

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For more information about JBA Bentley’s services and ongoing projects visit their website here.

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