Integrating the principles of sustainability into our practices, operations and business planning

Every day we undertake many small actions that impact the environment and the climate. Here at JBA we recognise whilst many actions and impacts are small on their own, cumulatively they can make a tangible difference to our environmental footprint. 

Written by David Revill | Sustainability Manager

Our Group Sustainability Manager David Revill, outlines actions we are taking to work more sustainably to help reduce these impacts. We have a common goal to help to create a more resilient society and environment.

We strive to deliver on all aspects of sustainability – to improve human, social, environmental, and economic capital.

We continuously monitor and measure our environmental performance so that we drive continuous improvement across our operations.

Our most recent actions include:

  • Introducing twelve new electric vehicles to our pool car fleet over the last 18 months, offering our employees more sustainable travel options, to help reduce our business travel emissions.
  • Working with our landlords to ensure the energy we use at our offices is renewable, fitting energy efficiency measures in several offices.
  • Installing a new timer at our Warrington office, to reduce energy consumption from the office air conditioning by 25%.
  • Continuing to encourage agile working, which reduces our office energy consumption and commuting emissions.
  • Launching the office sign-in commuting tool, which provides us with more accurate data on staff commuting patterns and emissions, we will use this to inspire staff members to choose low-carbon travel options when they commute.

Our sustainability commitment

We have adopted a principles-based approach to business, incorporating The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and actively promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These inter-linked goals include a breadth of social, economic and environmental themes including water, energy, climate, poverty, equality, education, industry, technology, health and wellbeing. 
Sustainability is integral to our long-term success. It’s a core aim of ours to have a positive impact on our colleagues, clients, suppliers, and the local communities and environments in which we work. Our goal is to reach Net Zero by 2040 and our Net Zero Route Map sets out the actions we’ll take to cut our emissions and meet our science-based emissions reduction targets.

“We’ve responded to the urgent call-to-action for organisations to set ambitious emissions reduction targets. Aligning our approach with the Science Based Targets initiative net zero criteria will help to reduce our emissions at a rate and scale that climate science tells us is needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We’ve set ourselves a big challenge, but we have the commitment and enthusiasm needed to meet this challenge. We’ll work differently, making low carbon a positive choice that informs everything we do and will embed a carbon conscious culture across JBA.”

Jeremy Benn, Executive Chair, JBA Group

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Want to know more?

For more information on our commitment to sustainability and our net zero objectives, visit our Environmental Sustainability webpage or email Jamie McKittrick, JBA Group Sustainability Manager.

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