Brand new creative exploration of climate resilience at Flood and Coast 2023

Brand new creative exploration of climate resilience at Flood and Coast 2023

Here at JBA we place climate resilience at the heart of our business. We believe that resilience isn’t simply about doing the same things better – it’s about the need for transformational adaptation. And we support our clients to build back smarter, helping our communities and environment recover from the shock of an impact.

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Innovation through creative performance

Innovation is the driving force behind our ambition to lead in society’s pursuit for resilience to climate change. We are very excited to announce our brand new innovative collaboration working with Steve Scott-Bottoms, Professor of Drama at the University of Manchester to research, devise, and deliver a creative performance that explores resilience to climate change. Steve is co-founder of Vesper Hill - a new social enterprise that uses interactive storytelling, performances, and workshops to explore the human and mental health dimensions of our environmental crisis. And to build capacity and resilience in organisations and communities.

The first ever performance of this creative exploration of climate resilience will debut at this year’s Flood & Coast Conference and Exhibition, on Tuesday 6 June, 13:20-14:20.

We’re really thrilled to be working with JBA on this, our first commissioned project. Vesper Hill is a small, brand-new enterprise, and so JBA have taken a leap of faith in asking us to create a new storytelling performance for them. We’re hoping that, together, we can tackle the difficult question of climate resilience in an engaging, memorable way.

Steve Scott-Bottoms, Vesper Hill
Climate resilience and storytelling

This innovative performance piece follows hot on the heels of Steve’s recent creative performance ‘Who Ya Gonna Call’, which examined how we are, and are not, preparing for climate change. Jonathan Moxon, Executive Manager, Flood Risk & Climate Resilience at Leeds City Council said after the performance:

“Steve Scott-Bottoms’ ability to explore and replay complex issues like climate adaptation is a real asset to organisations like Leeds City Council, but equally his recent one-man performances of ‘Who Ya Gonna Call’ have highlighted how he is an excellent teller of stories that are relevant and extremely helpful to a wide range of audiences. Steve helps to unpack the awkward unspoken issues that many of us might know of but struggle to articulate, he asks good probing questions to develop his material, but the resulting performance itself is powerful and thought-provoking.”

Future lessons

The ‘whole of society’ resilience endeavour, as set out in the UK Resilience Framework, (UKRF), means working together and collaborating to create solutions that are bigger than the sum of their parts.

We're excited to share our creative performance exploring climate resilience across the industry at Flood and Coast, and beyond - as a way of challenging colleagues and clients to bring climate resilience to the forefront in all that we do. Alongside our Understanding Resilience animation, this is the beginning of a new way of communicating awareness of climate resilience - so that we are more able to adapt, respond and recover to the challenges of a changing climate.

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Join us for the first ever performance of this creative exploration of climate resilience on Tuesday 6 June, 13:20-14:20 at the Flood & Coast Conference and Exhibition in Telford. The workshop is free to attend with a Flood and Coast visitors pass, you can register here.

Contact Rachel Huitson-Little for more information about this exciting production and our wider work building climate resilience.

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