New partnership with CIWEM - creating resilience to climate change

Bringing the industry together

JBA’s ambition to lead society’s pursuit for resilience in the face of climate change resonates with CIWEM’s own priorities. Responsibility for resilience lies across multiple agencies, businesses, residents, and public and community organisations. CIWEM’s partnership with JBA will bring the industry together to drive initiatives to support the ‘whole of society’ resilience endeavour as set out in the UK Resilience Framework, (UKRF).

CIWEM are the leading royal chartered professional body dedicated to sustainable management of the environment, globally. They aim to build a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit.

We have a passion for knowledge, sharing and life-long learning. Working together with CIWEM the partnership can accredit training materials and portfolios for professional frameworks – ensuring continued excellence and best practice.

“JBA’s contributions towards resilience in the face of the devastating impacts of climate change are more important than ever. We are proud to strengthen this relationship as we work together in realising our goals to pursue climate resilience.”

Terry Fuller, Chief Executive CIWEM.

“We are delighted to have cemented our long-term relationship with CIWEM through this business partnership. We have a passion for sharing, collaboration and partnering. The ‘whole of society’ resilience endeavour means working together and collaborating to create solutions that are bigger than the sum of their parts.

Collectively, we can achieve this. In parallel, we play a significant role in professional learning and development. With CIWEM, we will continue to contribute to lifelong learning across the industry and develop our next generation of water and environmental specialists. With accessibility to all, being one of our core and aligned principles.”

Rachel Huitson-Little, Director JBA Consulting.

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Want to know more?

You can find out more about our work towards climate resilience here. You can find out more about how we are contributing to professional development within the industry and browse our range of training courses here.

Alternatively visit the CIWEM website and watch this space for the latest news and developments arising from this partnership.

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