Continued support to the Environment Agency’s flood and coastal erosion risk management programme in the south-east
Richard Chubb | Associate Director

JBA will continue to support the Environment Agency’s (EA) delivery of their Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management capital programme in the south-east to April 2027. The EA has confirmed that its successful Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF) has been extended to 2027. Launched in 2019, the CDF formed new supplier arrangements and partnerships to increase efficiency, generate value for money and underline the green legacy of the £5.2bn capital investment programme. Working collaboratively in this way will help the EA mitigate climate change and reduce its impacts whilst supporting the delivery target of better protecting hundreds of thousands of properties from coastal erosion and flooding.

The CDF is part of the Environment Agency’s Next Generation Supplier Arrangements (NGSA). It is helping to better protect communities and the environment while ensuring that sustainable development is at the very core of all the Environment Agency’s projects.

The new arrangements will also lead to longer term collaborative team working and new ways of engaging with local organisations and people. This closer working will ensure that homes, communities and businesses are receiving the best possible flood and coastal management for the challenges facing their area.

At the same time flood and coastal projects will promote economic growth, social wellbeing and will seek to enhance levels of natural capital within the local community, making sure that each scheme brings long-lasting benefits for future generations.

JBA has been a leading supplier to the Environment Agency under various framework arrangements for over twenty years. Through its four-year extension to CDF, JBA is pleased to be able to play its part in the Environment Agency’s delivery of better protection to over 300,000 properties across the country.

Combining analytical, engineering, social and nature-based solutions, our work will support adaption and increased resilience to climate change.

“We welcome the ability to continue our support to the Environment Agency’s flood and coastal erosion risk management programme in the south-east.  The extension to our framework arrangement, for a further four years, is testament to the good work the JBA team, working with the Environment Agency and contractor partner Volker Stevin, have been delivering to date. Together, we can build on the work achieved to date and set about delivery of schemes which increase the resilience of local communities and the environment to flooding and coastal erosion.”

Marc Pinnell, Managing Director JBA Consulting.

“This four-year commitment will enable the EA and our Delivery Partners to further invest in the future skills and technologies that will be needed and importantly continue to deliver additional levels of flood risk protection to an increasing number of vulnerable communities.”

Steve Moore, EA Director of Operations.

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