JBA publishes new Net Zero Route Map
JBA Group Sustainability Manager | David Revill

JBA Group’s new Net Zero Route Map sets out the actions we’ll take to help achieve our ambitious objective to become a net zero GHG emissions business. The route map, and supporting action plan, include a broad, integrated suite of actions – new procedures, initiatives, and investigations – that target all aspects of our business and operations, focussing on ten key carbon-cutting priorities.

We’re committed to taking meaningful action to minimise our climate impacts and have a group-wide objective to be a net zero greenhouse gas emissions business by 2040 at the latest. Our goal now is to reduce our emissions as far and as fast as we reasonably can and get as close to zero emissions as possible.

To ensure our approach is robust, we’ve committed to establishing a science-based net zero emissions reduction target with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Joining the SBTi helps ensure that our approach to reducing our emissions is aligned with what climate science says is needed to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

To meet our net zero target, we need to make deep cuts to our emissions, both through our operations and within our supply chains. To focus our efforts, we’ve published our carbon reduction plan – our new Net Zero Route Map – supported by a detailed Action Plan. At the core of the Route Map are ten ‘Carbon Cutting Priorities’ that represent the key steps we need to take to reach net zero.

Cutting our emissions to zero will require everyone at JBA to work differently, making low carbon a positive choice that informs everything we do. This will include actions focused on supporting our staff to adopt low-carbon thinking and behaviours, embedding carbon reduction in our business planning and decision-making, reducing waste and emissions from our offices, business travel, and staff homeworking and commuting, cutting emissions from the goods and services we buy, encouraging and supporting our suppliers to decarbonise, and embedding low carbon in the projects we deliver for our clients.

Our Route Map and Action Plan are important steps on our journey to net zero. However, we know we don’t yet have all the solutions, so our Route Map is flexible. We’ll continuously refine and expand our Action Plan as needed to ensure our efforts stay on track. We also want to learn from what others are doing, tapping into good ideas and new practices, whilst communicating what we’re doing so others can learn from us.

Working together, we can all reach net zero.

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For more information on our commitment to sustainability and our net zero objectives, visit our Environmental Sustainability webpage or email Jamie McKittrick, JBA Group Sustainability Manager.

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