Marine and Coastal Risk Management career opportunities
Written by Principal Engineer | Dr Doug Pender

Are you motivated by new science, technology and innovation? Or simply want to advance your career whilst working to achieve a more sustainable and resilient world. There are a number of exciting opportunities to join our Marine and Coastal Risk Management (MCRM) team.

Our team

Our Marine and Coastal Risk Management consists of world-leading coastal scientists, engineers, geomorphologists, and software developers, who are passionate about supporting clients to tackle the issue of coastal resilience in the face of our changing climate.

We are friendly, approachable, inclusive, and collaborative, and we promote development through sharing knowledge and good mentorship. People make JBA and we need you to support our growing portfolio of work in the UK and internationally.

Our aims

We are responsible for supporting clients to understand better, plan for and manage the risks associated with current and future coastal hazards and processes. We achieve this through strategic collaboration putting new technology and innovations at the forefront of what we do. All the while understanding clients’ needs and wider goals to support adaptation and resilience in a sustainable way.

We want our colleagues to feel empowered, fulfil their potential, and progress in their careers within the industry. Crucially, we want them to define our progression, not the other way around.

We strive to work smarter and closely with clients and partners to move towards our common JBA goal – to lead in society’s pursuit for resilience.

Our services

Coastal hazard modelling and forecasting

Extreme coastal hazards underpin our work in MCRM. Key to this is our understanding of probability, impact, risk, and planning and designing approaches to support adaptation and resilience. We are distinguished in delivering numerical modelling and developing Early Warning Systems.

Coastal processes and morphodynamics

Parts of the coastal zone are incredibly active meaning understanding natural processes and coastal change is critical for sustainable development. At JBA we support clients across all aspects of coastal processes and morphodynamics from numerical modelling, data collection and surveys, and design and impact assessment of management interventions.

Natural coastal resilience

With the increasing pressure of sea-level rise, there is a requirement to deliver Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to achieve global net zero goals. Understanding such measures’ opportunities and performance is therefore of paramount importance. At JBA we champion an innovative approach to promoting natural coastal resilience at all levels; from supporting community action groups to national-scale coastal management authorities. Focus here includes providing NBS that, as well as reducing hazards, allow communities to move towards a future blue bioeconomy.

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Want to know more?

Roles are available across all aspects and levels of MCRM, but critically we require motivated, ambitious, and forward-thinking individuals that can help us achieve our vision of a more resilient and sustainable society. If you think you are a good fit, please contact Dr Doug Pender for an informal discussion.

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